WIHG Dehradun


Project Info:

The main function of society is to provide credit to members. The corpus fund of society is collected monthly from each member. There are two Type of membership :

  • Full Member - Regular employee is eligible for Full member category.
  • Non Member - Project employees, Temporary or Contractual employee are eligible for Non Member Category.

Contributions from Member

  • Compulsory Deposit (CD) - Member can deposit Rs 2000 monthly & earn 7% annual interest on it.
  • Share Money Member can opt maximum up to ₹ 5000 monthly.
  • Well Fair Fund - To meet community expenditure of society. Presently it is ₹ 60 per month.
  • GSLI/GINP – group insurance given to members. Fixed amount is deducted.

There are two type of loans.

  • Normal Loan - 5 times of Share money
  • Emergency Loan - Maximum ₹ 25000 at a time.

Module – Admin, Secretory, Member with different online facility.

Technology Used:

  • Skills:
  • HTML5, CSS3, JS, Bootstrap, JQuery, Core PHP